L'Oreal Luxe Gala 2016

Hey guys. Yesterday I attended my second company sales meeting and gala with Urban Decay and the rest of the L'Oreal Luxe brands at Radisson Blu here in Copenhagen. It's always lovely to hear news about upcoming launches and being spoiled - check out my goodiebag on snapchat at sebastiansimon. I also got to show off my new bubblegum blue hair that I'm kind of in love with. I'll be posting a video about the color and my extensions shortly. Pssst, I also tried to link to everything I was wearing or at least similar items. 

So far, this year has been pretty great. I'm looking forward to going to Amsterdam with my boyfriend in March - have any of you guys been? And do you have any travel tips? Please let me know! xo


  1. hello,ciao...what a look! so creative! so fabolous on you...cheers!

  2. Cute look :)
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    Maria V.

  3. Omg, u look awesome! (as always) I really hope you enjoy Amsterdam :) I study in Amsterdam. I live in a city next to it. U should really visite the "9 straatjes" it's really cute and have pretty awesome fashion things.

  4. I really like the teal hair color from the blue. Your so stunning. Have a year full of love and laughter beautiful:)