Outfit | Bad girls do it well

H&M hat - eBay Jeremy Scott inspired twopiece - vintage shirt - secondhand shoes - Holy Malice sunnies - mixed rings

My love for this Jeremy Scott-inspired two piece will probably never die. It's kinda perfect for that typical danish spring weather where it's neither hot or cold and it works great on it's own or paired with either a sheer black or solid white oversized shirt. The hat was given to me on a night out to a jazz concert - this really stoned guy insisted on giving it to me because he believed it was made for me. I kinda hate hats like these. Weirdly enough, I've been wearing it for days now.

Photos by Rebecca Bregnum


Wardrobe madness

Current state of my bedroom floor. I always forget just how big a project it is to clean out my wardrobe, and it always turn into a one-woman fashion show for me anyway. I'm that kinda person who, even after not wearing a piece of clothing for two years, still can't get myself to get rid of it. Perhaps one day I'll be needing it, I tell myself. The last time I threw clothes away I packed two huge plastic bags and donated it to a secondhand store, and I to this day still mourn it sometimes. At least this way I get to see what's in the back of my closet, which is great whenever I change up my haircolors. But oh, the mess. It cannot be explained. When I'm done here, hopefully I can finish editing a new video and have it uploaded either tonight or tomorrow!


Outfit | You know I'm yours

Wildfox shirt - vintage skirt - Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Damsels - eBay earrings - mixed rings

This outfit has all the perfect elements for me right now. A slouchy and sheer shirt, a loose fitting high-waisted skirt and tall wedges. Not to mention that I'm currently living in this Wildfox piece, it's too comfy to ever want to take off. I'm surprised by my new Jeffrey Campbell shoes as well, even being two sizes too big, they are still so perfect to walk in. I don't know how exactly, but I'm pretty sure my feet has shrunk a little bit. How can this happen, guys? Anyway, still loving my black hair, that sort of look more like dark purple/red right now. 

All photos by Rebecca Bregnum


Girls just wanna have fun

So in all honesty this weekend was supposed to be low key and was meant for healthy food, lot's of sleep and studying, but receiving a text from my DJ friend about a huge big 80's party at Jolene in The Meatpacking District kinde forced me to change plans. Who can say no to a party like that? I've had the most amazing time and nothing can really lift your spirit like 80's music and dressing up as the lost member of Jem & The Holograms. Whether or not going with nude legs in three degree weather was a smart idea is debatable, but I'm pretty sure those irish coffees that I had kept my blood hot. Wooop.


Outfit | Dots and roses

Sheinside shirt - vintage scarf - Romwe skirt - secondhand heels - eBay sunnies

This outfit should probably be called how-to-dress-inappropriately-in-windy-weather. I may or may not have flashed at least one hundred innocent people today - by accident, of course! Also I couldn't be more happy with my new, black hair. It just feels so natural and right at the moment and something about it made me wanna dress in a more romantic way today. Big mistake if you take the weather into consideration, but I love all these pieces paired together. 

Photos by Rebecca Bregnum


DIY | Flintstones bone necklace

Here's a fun, little DIY project that I wanted to share with you guys. I've always had a thing for The Flintstones and that whole cavewoman look, especially if it's in a more cartoon-ish and not so serious way. Kinda like Jeremy Scott's SS10 collection, which was just perfect. Anyway, something about brown beads and nylon string kinda offends me, so here's a quick DIY on how to turn cheap halloween jewelry into actual, wearable accessories (if you're into this sort of style, of course!)

Remove the nylon string from the face of earth and paint the brown beads black with your magic marker. They will need to dry for a bit, otherwise they can stain the plastic bones. And well, your fingers. I used a bobby pin to hold the beads so my hands wouldn't get all black and magic marker-y. 

Arrange the bones and the beads nicely - meaning turn the bones the right way, so the ''made in China'' logo won't show, since this was obviously too big a job for the manufacturer to handle themselves - and also take one long bone from one of the bracelets that comes with the jewelry set and put in on the chain.

And there you have it. Your very own, very fancy bone necklace. Perfect for.. Well, people who's into kitchy things and may or may not be cavewoman/stoneage/Flintstones obsessed. I'm saving the rest of the extra bones for future DIY's and also use the earrings that come with the set for everyday wear - all I did to those was changing them from clip-on earrings to having a hook. So much more comfortable now that they don't squeeze my poor ears.


Outfit | Mellow meadows

Bad To The Bone earrings - Versace Jeans Couture shirt - Romwe skirt - secondhand heels

Today was beautiful and after being really sick for four days it was perfect timing for me to go out and enjoy the weather. Spring is definitely getting closer, and I'm about to say goodbye to the red hair, so the next few days I will have to experiment with all the looks I've been wanting to try out since dyeing it. Todays outfit is a no brainer - 90's looking Versace tee, faux leather skirt in the perfect shape and heels that are comfortable enough to walk around in. 


Latest eBay finds

I may or may not have gone a bit overboard with my eBay and etsy shopping lately, but I have very valid excuses for once. Also it's been forever since I did one of these eBay shopping updates, so I thought now would be a good time to start again. I've tried to link to everything, but since some of these items - like the Jeffrey Campbell shoes and Wildfox clothing - were one of a kind items I won, I've just linked you guys to the specific sellers.

I've officially banned myself from shopping until next month, cause we really just can't risk becoming eBay addicts, right? So my watch-list is getting longer and longer and in reality I should just log off the internet so I won't be tempted. Did you guys find any interesting treasures on eBay lately?


Modelling for Therese de Lemos

I did some modelling for a really sweet girl called Therese de Lemos a few weeks ago. She needed the photos for a school project - it was something about humans in the landscape, and so we shot these photos in 5 degree weather on a beach. Even after almost freezing to death, I love how the picture turned out. Everything pale and cold, and then my red hair in contrast. What do you guys think?

Bones & leopard

Details of todays look. I almost got tired of the red hair, but a change of mood and music helped with new inspiration. I'm currently re-obsessed with bone jewelry - DIY will follow soon - and I especially like it paired with red lips, hair and leopard print.

Blazer and velvet dress are both secondhand, I will pair it with these shoes and this jacket when I head out to show some sweet American girls around in a minute. They are visiting Copenhagen this weekend, and are friends with someone really special to me, so no doubt it will be fun.. If, I can manage to stop listening to 60's music and actually leave, that is.