Mama said there'll be days like this

H&M hat - Nelly faux fur vest - Vintage jumpsuit - thrifted belt - thrifted bag - Nelly heels - Holy Malice sunnies

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well! Earlier in September while visiting my grandmother in southern Jutland where I'm from we went to this unexpectedly amazing secondhand shop were I found so many treasures. Amongst these treasures were this jumpsuit that I assume is handmade and that is also one of my favorite secondhand finds of all time. The feel of it, from the clashing fabrics to the flowy legs, is perfect for fall. Paired with a big floppy hat, a belt and some kind of faux fur - it really is a perfect fall outfit for me. I'm going back to visit her again next week, so another trip to the secondhand shop has already been planned. The month of October is gonna be crazy busy for me, but hopefully I should be back with another outfit soon.

All photos shot by my fabulous friend and photographer Rebecca Bregnum.


Mondays are a lot more fun when you don't have to leave your bed

Having a slow monday in bed with Netflix, music, yummy food and no real clothes is a pretty nice way to start a very busy and exciting week. I also decided that it was time to return to my pink hair - as always. I think pink is the color I've had for the longest now and also the color I feel most like myself in. Now I better get back to my How I Met Your Mother marathon :P Come by Makeup Forever in Sephora tomorrow if you wanna have your makeup done! 


Outfit | Pink fall

Retro silk jacket - secondhand lace top - eBay faux leather skirt - Nelly pumps

I was so excited about fall arriving that I kind of underestimated the weather and put on this amazing silk jacket that my grandma gave me last week. I really didn't think silk would be so warm, but I actually had to fan myself in the subway on my way to visit a new friend. The rest of the outfit, except from the top, is all new and I have more fall items waiting for me at the post office, yaaaay! I can't wait to show you guys more upcoming fall outfits 


My little pony hair

I've been having so much fun with this rainbow, ombre my little pony hair the past few weeks. It's kind of crazy how big of a difference I feel when I have colorful hair compared to faded out pink/blonde. This is much more me :P

Now it's time to cut my littlebrother's hair, pluck my grandmother's eyebrows and then maybe do some Pride Parade makeup. I have to be in the spirit even though I'm not participating today - this year I decided to spend my holiday visiting family and chilling instead. Which I really don't regret considering how bad the weather currently is, haha.

Nelly shopping for new work clothes

Pearl London lace dress - Motel shorts - NLY Shoes metal heel boots - NLY Shoes faux suede pumps - Ax Paris kimono - Motel daisy crop top

Just placed a little order on nelly.com for some new work clothes, cause as you guys know, I recently started working for Makeup Forever and since we have to wear all black I thought it would be okay to stock up on some new items. I'll make the lace dress more casual by pairing it with black tights and boots for an everyday look and the rest of the items are just nice basics to mix and match with stuff I already have in my wardrobe + some more basic items on their way from eBay. The daisy top isn't really suitable for work, but I love daisies, Motel and it was only $12 so I couldn't resist. I'm getting so excited about fall fashion and hiding in big faux fur coats, loads of layers and deep fall colors. You guys feel the same?


Outfit | Flower crowns and jumpsuits

Sweet As Candy flower crown - second hand jumpsuit - H&M belt - eBay sandals - Romwe sunnies

Last fall I spotted this jumpsuit in Wasteland here in Copenhagen and kept coming back to look and fall more and more in love with it. I never got around to actually buying it since I had temporarily banned myself from shopping, but the bubblegum blue color was just so appealing and it fit like it was made for me. Anyway, Sofie started working in Wasteland and kept an eye on it for me. One day after a sleepover I stayed at Sofie's while she was at work, and when she came home she told me that she had both good and bad news for me. I asked to hear the bad news first and she told me that my jumpsuit was gone. I can imagine the sadness on my face that stayed for a few seconds until Sofie continued: but the good news is, that I bought it for you! I was in awe. It was one of the sweetest gifts I had ever received and for that reason this piece of clothing is so precious to me. 

All photos by photographer Rebecca Bregnum


Life / misc

Just a bunch of unpublished pictures from my computer taken over spring and summer 


Work makeup of yesterday

Another work look from yesterday. A lot of you guys requested to know what products I used on instagram so I'm posting that below. Should I film a tutorial for this look as well? It's pretty straight forward and I miss you guys on youtube!

Makeup Forever HD Elixir
Makeup Forever HD Foundation 120
Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer 4
Makeup Forever HD Powder
Gosh kohl liner in white
Makeup Forever Aqua Liner 13
Makeup Forever Eyeshadows in 127, 98, 30, 35 and 0
MAC Vanilla pigment
Makeup Forever Smoky Lash mascara
Makeup Forever Aqua Lip in 6C
Makeup Forever lipstick in 23


Tribal makeup for work

Since regular blogging is on hold for now, I figured I might as well try to post some makeup looks for work. Today the Makeup Forever girls and I picked a tribal theme - you can see all of us on instagram here - and this is what I wore, besides a nude lipstick that I didn't have at home. This was kinda put together last minute and I was running out of several products, but the final result reminded me a bit of the girls from Rasputina, so I'm not complaining. 

Maybelline Satin liquid foundation
Makeup Forever full cover concealer
Makeup Forever HD powder
L'Oreal Carbon Gloss liquid liner
Makeup Forever Aqua Matic S-52
Makeup Forever eyeshadows