Tuesday Outfit

H&M headpiece - secondhand dress - H&M ring - wedges from Shoe Biz

Today is one of those days were minimal makeup and a very dark lip is all I need. I kinda love this lip color. It's from Stargazer so it's very cheap, but still one of the best black ones I have ever found. It's also one of those days where 90's music and messy hair is appreciated. This look is very gloomy if you consider the fact that everything I'm wearing is Mie Maja's since she's one of the most colorful people I know, but I guess that's what's so great about clothes - you can make it your own and create a personal look with it. 

I think tonight will be spent in the bathtub with a glass of redwine, candles and music. Have you guys had a nice tuesday? I'll be back tomorrow with another outfit post - probably a more colorful one!  


  1. Love the pictures. Would you mind if I did some artwork using the 2nd picture? So pretty!

    1. Thank you! No, I would be honored - please show me when it's done <3

    2. Thank you. I will show you when I am done. <3

  2. Hi,Ciao...magic look...you're an Artist of Style!
    happy time

  3. Don't be gloomy Angel. You radiate such lovlines Be at peace.

  4. That is fuckin freakin me out. great lookin.