Monday Outfit

DIY daisy headband - secondhand necklace - reworked secondhand dress - secondhand belt - secondhand shoes

I have officially moved into Mie Maja's apartment to stay for the week! As promised I'm doing daily outfit posts for you guys with clothes from her wardrobe. The weather is PMSing today - it changes from pouring rain to blue sky and sunshine, so Mie Maja's kitty and I had a little nap this afternoon while waiting for it to get better. It never really did, so what better way to bring back spring than to wear lot's of florals, gold and bright colors? I'm definitely enjoying my stay here (having an apartment with bathtub + balcony to yourself is just amazing) and I can't wait to share another outfit with you guys tomorrow! Now it's time for Sex & The City and more kitty cuddles before bedtime. Have you guys had a good monday? 

Oh, ps. I'm also putting a song of the day in every outfit post this week, so feel free to listen to it while checking out the posts. See you tomorrow!


  1. Hello,Ciao...nice photos and your outfit is a work of Art...make shining your Beauty!
    enjoy your time there

    1. Thank you! Oh I am :P Bathtub time tonight, yay!

  2. <3 dream girl <3