Wednesday Outfit

Vintage swimsuit - Glitter necklace - H&M belt - Ego And Greed wedges 

I've been here for three days now and still haven't got a chance to actually enjoy the balcony. It just won't stop raining in Denmark, but since this should be a vacation for me I decided to just wear this amazing vintage swimsuit and pretend I was somewhere sunny today. Something about adding a belt, a chunky necklace and some statement shoes just makes wearing a swinsuit more acceptable. Last night I spent five hours in the bathtub watching Sex & The City and drinking redwine, but then had to get out cause I was afraid I would dissolve if I stayed in any longer, haha. 

I'll be back (and dressed) with another outfit post tomorrow, guys! Currently waiting for a pizza to arrive - pretty sure the delivery guy will either die or feel very confused when I open the door like this. Let's hope for the best!