First view at Revival Vintage Copenhagen

I was invited to come have a look at a ton of amazing new vintage clothes just picked up in New York + have a glass (or three) of champagne in the beautiful Revival Vintage store here in Copenhagen. I brought my friend Mie Maja along with me, as she's just as big a sucker for vintage style as me.

Christian Dior, kitty cats + champagne.

They also sell their own, beautiful jewelry + vintage jewelry too.

Selfie tiiiime!

Trying on outfits, I am so in love with this Klein dress, that I might actually buy it.

Sassy in red. This skirt was to die for.

Drinking up and chit chatting before leaving the event to go to..

..Drone at Nørrebro, being fabulously champagne drunk!

So much luvin'.

We had a fantastic night - thank you to the sweet girls Nina & Karen from Revival Vintage for having us. If you're in Copenhagen and are into 70's and 80's vintage handpicked in New York and LA, Revival Vintage is a must to go shop at. Located in the basement at Kompagnistræde 25 you can find brands from Dior to Moschino and you can also take a peek at their cool online store right here


  1. sebastian you look especially hot in these pictures!

  2. youre looking lovely, the "champagne drunk" photo is beautiful of you!

  3. Your eyebrows look amaaaaazing here wow

  4. You're so gorgeous and such an inspiration to me!♥