Hair transformation - blue twotoned bob

Time for another hair transformation post! Last night I fixed my friend Rebecca's natural-looking-no-style-in-particular-just-growing-out-kinda-hair and may or may not have also had a few drinks or three.. The lenghts of her hair had become dry and frissy and there were no real structure in the haircut (chemical haircut due to bleaching) so I bleached all of it to a platinum blonde and cut it into a multifunctional, layered bob.

I divided her hair into a top and a bottom section and dyed the bottom part with slightly diluted Aquatic Blue from Direction's. The top part is more of a soft bubblegum blue and is a mix of conditioner, Lagoon Blue + a little bit Aquatic Blue, both from Direction's. It turned out fabulous and blue is such a great color on her!

I also did her makeup, the lipstick is Saint Germain by MAC, my personal favorite.


  1. why you dont upload on youtube anymore?

  2. I will, just taking a break to reconnect with myself :)
    It feels like I keep disappointing you guys with the content I post, and I really wanna keep it fun and inspiring, which is not something I feel capable of doing just at the moment.

    I'm really sorry, I hope you can forgive me.

  3. Sebastian I miss watching your videos I lovee your accent <3 and I always have a good laugh watching your videos.. maybe can you do a get ready with me or fall video?. Pleeeeeeaaasssseeee ;) ;)

  4. Oh god she's so beautiful! She reminds me of Samantha from Sex and the city, but this girl looks more fierce with that baby blue hair. :) And you are as beautiful of course. <3

  5. Not that she wasn't cute before, but this blue hair suits her so well i'm so impressed! Love the cut as well. You're amazing :)