KEA Empire Campus opening party with wantr.com

I had the most amazing friday night with the sweet people from wantr.com at the opening party at KEA Empire Campus here in Copenhagen. I was contacted by wantr after they noticed me in their master of trendspotting competition and asked me to come out and help them spot the most stylish people and promote the competition, so of course I said yes. I partied with the owner of wantr (the handsome guy in second picture), the blonde girl in third picture along with another lovely girl called Nina, our cool photographer and three of my most fabulous friends! I also kinda wanna marry the guy with the sweet smile and brown hair standing beside me, but I cant remember his name bohoo. There were lot's of cute guys and so many beautiful girls and all in all it was a wonderful night! Thank you wantr 

I wore pumps bought in Jette Riis - eBay plastic clutch - romwe skirt - vintage Moschino belt - vintage silk shirt - eBay gold chain & a secondhand faux fur

all photos by Lars Norman Hestbæk


  1. OMG Danish people is SOOO HOT *_______*

  2. Hi!I just wanted to say that these pictures are awsome and you looked gorgeus.i really like you style:)

  3. Wow that looks like a lot of fun.
    By the way your new hair colour looks really good on you. You even have the perfect skin tone to wear this pastel-purple-lilac colour ^^

  4. ♥ Kun for mig ♥