First days in Copenhagen

Eeeeep! It finally happened guys, I'm finally living in Copenhagen! : D The move went well, even though I moved thursday instead of wednesday. I spent most afternoon filling up my new walk-in closet (I mean, really filling up, Lars have like two shelfs left hihihi) 

Yesterday I went to an outdoor Bjørn Svin, Thomas Vogel + others concert with some friends and a we ended up drinking at my friend Aske's place. I think I've got a new friend as well - the beautiful girl with the big curls - and today I'm just feeling sorry for myself, watching South Park, eating bad food and in a minute I'll do a complete online shopping guide! I'm so happy : D


  1. YAY! you made it there. looks good from here.

  2. Glad to read this girl, you deserve it. :D