I have been working on letting my purple hair fade so I can go back to pastel pink next week when I get my new extensions. I've actually missed it so much, I kind of feel like it's a part of me that I can't let go which is not like me at all. I always changed my hair drastically all the time, but it seems like I might have found ''my color''.

I think I'm gonna leave my roots and bleach them a few days before I go to London next months so they will be fresh and pretty while I'm there. I do like the look of dark roots though, but it gets a bit annoying to look at after a while.


  1. You look so pretty with your short blonde hair too. I especially loved how you did your eyes on your last AG video; really perfect. However you change your look, you're always so charming.
    I hope you realize how special you are, and how you affect so many people with the love you shine forth.

  2. Aww thank you :) This really made me happy love.

  3. you're so lucky to have dark brown hair naturally...I have naturally blonde hair and when I had my pastel pink hair the roots looked silly >.< You look amazing though!