Outfit | Flower crowns and jumpsuits

Sweet As Candy flower crown - second hand jumpsuit - H&M belt - eBay sandals - Romwe sunnies

Last fall I spotted this jumpsuit in Wasteland here in Copenhagen and kept coming back to look and fall more and more in love with it. I never got around to actually buying it since I had temporarily banned myself from shopping, but the bubblegum blue color was just so appealing and it fit like it was made for me. Anyway, Sofie started working in Wasteland and kept an eye on it for me. One day after a sleepover I stayed at Sofie's while she was at work, and when she came home she told me that she had both good and bad news for me. I asked to hear the bad news first and she told me that my jumpsuit was gone. I can imagine the sadness on my face that stayed for a few seconds until Sofie continued: but the good news is, that I bought it for you! I was in awe. It was one of the sweetest gifts I had ever received and for that reason this piece of clothing is so precious to me. 

All photos by photographer Rebecca Bregnum


  1. Hallo,Ciao...charming look and nice photoset...always your outfits are so creative and fabolous...!
    ...but maybe your stunning legs and gorgeous silhouette want something more revealing than a jumpsuit?!?
    best and kisses,Baci