Malibu Barbie Part I

Secondhand scarf - secondhand sunnies - H&M earrings - gifted necklace - secondhand swimsuit

What a grey day after a cozy sleepover at my fabulous friend Mie Maja's new apartment turned into. Malibu Barbie vibes, exotic flowers and a bathtub photoshoot. I fell in love with this secondhand swimsuit. Even though it was a bit too big, we decided to just go with it and make it look like I have actual boobs, which felt both strangely unnatural and looked surprisingly good at the same time. Everything used in these photos are Mie Maja's.

Next week I am moving into her apartment while she's away, to take care of her kitty, water her plants, take long baths and enjoy the sun on her princess balcony. I will also be raiding her fabulous wardrobe and create daily outfit posts for you guys while staying there. Might also be guesting her blog but updates will follow. Part two of this Malibu Barbie shoot will be up soon, so keep an eye out and sorry for being away for a while - lot's of fun stuff coming shortly! xo


  1. Oh wow I love this photo set, you look so glamorous <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. Hello,Ciao...thanks for sharing...great post,lovely photos...and what a stunning Pinup!

  3. nice pics