Outfit | Bad girls do it well

H&M hat - eBay Jeremy Scott inspired twopiece - vintage shirt - secondhand shoes - Holy Malice sunnies - mixed rings

My love for this Jeremy Scott-inspired two piece will probably never die. It's kinda perfect for that typical danish spring weather where it's neither hot or cold and it works great on it's own or paired with either a sheer black or solid white oversized shirt. The hat was given to me on a night out to a jazz concert - this really stoned guy insisted on giving it to me because he believed it was made for me. I kinda hate hats like these. Weirdly enough, I've been wearing it for days now.

Photos by Rebecca Bregnum


  1. Hello,Ciao...great post,every photo is as coloured as a painting and your outfit is so charming,so creative...so unique and Sexy!
    ...hey, that lollipop being enjoyed by your marvellous mouth-lips is so teasing scene...haha...;)
    ciao ciao

  2. Love your Simpsons dress Thing! It looks so great :D