Moving days

Yesterday the day came when my littlebrother moved away from home. We helped him move to his new home - a small island here in Denmark - where he will go to school for the next three years. Some friends of the family helped as well and we actually had a really nice if you consider the small amount of sleep we all got + saying goodbye to my babybrother (okay, he's 17) without knowing when I'll see him again :(

Today I've been meaning to pack since I'm moving on wednesday, but all I've accomplished today is watching the first seven episodes of 2 Broke Girls.. I know, don't judge, it's just such a good show and Kat Dennings is amazing as always! I better kick myself in the butt now (soon) and start packing. I also have to upload the video I filmed yesterday of our moving day. Have a fabulous saturday guys 


  1. you're looking absolutely gorgeous, as always :)

  2. You are such a great mermaid. Best wishes for the move Please keep updating. I always enjoy your posts and photos. Good luck to Jacob at school.

  3. oh my god Sebastian, you are so fucking wonderful i can't find words to describe! the first picture is the cutest thing ever! loves loves <3