Little black birthday dress

The guy I've been dating and telling you guys about since winter (we ended it yesterday, as friends, because it just weren't our time right now and we've both met other people) gave me my birthday present when he came to say hi, and I was so surpriced that he was able to find an outfit that looks both sexy and elegant. He said this was just something he would have liked to see me in and it kinda made me happy - I even love the bracelet he gave me, and that says a lot, I never wear anything on my wrists because it usually feels uncomfortable but this is just perfect and chunky enough for me 

I paired my two gifts with my semi new and super cheap heels from nelly.com


  1. Loveee the dress! Your hair looks gorgeous straight too! [: x


  2. Happy birthday Sebastian !!! When is the day?

    1. We have the same birth month. Mine was last Saturday, I hope your 20th was spent with people that you love and who truly love you. You are a very special person. Sending you some late birthday love from California.

  3. looking good <3

  4. Hello Darling, grettings from Spain, i keep following you always, i hope the B-Day, was a explendid time, also congratttsss, XOXO.