DIY barbie vest & outfit of the day

eBay earrings - DIY barbie vest - second hand shirt - romwe skirt

I have been working on this vest for a while whenever I was bored and I'm really pleased with the result! It's perfect for spring and summer and to spice up boring outfits, and DIY projects like these are fun to do because you make personal items that only you have. I've also been wearing my hair in braids a lot lately like I seem to do every summer, so I will have a new video up about it next week 


  1. I am SO obessed with that vest! I love it so much and I love how it matches your hair! [: x


  2. you're so creative & skilled! love the vest :)

  3. You are crazy girl. But your hair look too good. Really different. Thanks for sharing your post. I really like it.