There's pizza on my mind, burger queen

Last night was fun - I had drinks with my sweet neighbour and had promised her to do her makeup like me sometime so we did! We also danced to loud 80's hits and Enigma and then my littlebrother decided to join us, so it got a little (very) late last night haha. 

I was wearing my new burger t-shirt as a dress with white plastic jewelry
from etsy.com, and it reminded me a bit of Wilma from The Flintstones. Anywaysies, I'm a bit tired after last nights shenanigans so I've been pampering myself with pizza and will now have a Blair Witch-marathon. Have a lovely saturday everyone 


  1. Gotta love the Blair Witch saga! <3

  2. I know those must be veggie burgers on your dress Sebby. At least I hope so. You look SO PRETTY, as usual.
    What's on your pizza, artichoke?

  3. you are so gorgeous and i love your burger t-shirt xxxx

  4. looks delicious with you inside the burger shirt:)
    i love it.