Instagram update

Just a few instagram shots from the past few days, my new iphone arrived on friday so it's been wonderful to be able to call and text again haha. Also my computer keyboard is dead so that's why my blogging is on standby for now :( 

instagram - sebastiansimonxo


  1. Really really miss u. :(
    I hope your computer mend soon. :)
    I really love the blue stuff but its a good idea you go back to Pink. <3 This is your colour. :)
    I love u Sebastian. Can't wait 4 your comeback. <3

  2. i looove your looks! youre like a unicorn in human version. Always perfect makeup, hair, brows, lips. Everything. <3

  3. Lucky for me that you like to share your awesomeness, beautiful Sebastian. I hope you never stop.
    Sending you love from California, dear sweet darling.