Wearing vintage earrings - vintage blazer - Asos highwaisted miniskirt

A little while ago on a friday afternoon the shadows fell so beautifully in our apartment and the weather was warm but in a delightful way. I decided to take a few outfit photos since I've been really bad at it lately. At the moment I'm talking to a guy about redesigning my blog so it will be more personal and special, so I'm waiting patiently to get it done before I'll go back to posting real stuff again. I also can't believe the summer is about to end, I will carry on with so many new memories but I'm still so not ready for darkness, winter and cold.


  1. You look so sexy in these pics, Sebastian. But then you always look hot.

  2. So very sorry to hear of your trouble today. You have said that you are a lovesick person, and so it goes.
    You will be OK, life will present the next doorway. Remember that so many people adore you so much.
    I love you.

  3. Oh. Your message made me really happy, and yes, I am a lovesick person - still don't understand what happened though, it all feels so empty. But thank you my dear.