I think this is such a funny idea, basing personality trades on the way your makeup looks. Do you guys think this is real or just coincidences? I would like to imagine that if you are using this method on a lot of different women, you might be able to recognize some of the same trades in the same kind of woman with a special shaped lipstick.

After having a look at a few of my most worn lipsticks I have discovered that they are either the sharp-angled tip or the sharp-angled, but curved tip listicks. I guess depending on my mood I apply them differently, but I definitely recognize some of the trades: opinionated, selective of friends, outgoing, creative, needs a schedule but dislikes one - I guess it actually fits pretty well for me.

Does you guys' lipstick shapes match your personality?


  1. Flat top and everything except conservative and high morals fit me perfectly :--D

  2. sharp-angled tip fits me but i think those are just coincidences and i dont really care about the sharp of my lipsticks , i look more at the colour and almost all of my lipsticks are by mac so they kinda have all the same sharp :)

  3. None of them fit my personality.

    I have a few different shapes. How do you figure that?

  4. I took my three most used lipsticks and they all had the same shape kind of. Maybe you just don't fit into any of these groups :)