Okay so I'm going to London in 14 days and I just booked my tickets today.
I have a few things that I need to get done before leaving, since I want to look fabulous at all times. I really have no reason for dressing up where I live, no one care and no one dress up either so sometimes it's nice being around people who care just as much about their looks as I do - this is not to sound superficial, but getting inspired is easier around people who generally has a passion for the same thing as you do - so here is my small to do list.


This is a photo of me from 2009, as you can see I look pretty fit here and since my new years resolution this year is to go back to looking like this and being healthy, I'm going on a speed diet/detox starting monday. I will eat four times a day and my food will be fresh fruits and vegetables, one cup of soup or one cup of yoghurt (low fat/low calories) for each meal. I will do this and see if I can work out for 30 minutes everyday. When I come back from London I will continue eating healthy food and become a vegetarian as I had planned to do this year anyway. I am really using this London trip for lots of motivation haha.


I'm going back to this hairstyle, so I need to order new extensions. I think being happy with your hair and the way it looks is one of the most important thing stylewise. So I'm gonna order two new sets of extensions and dye them pastel pink. It's probably gonna be a little bit thicker and more fluffy this time though. Fluffy is good. 

Also I have a little shopping to do, I need a few new items that I'm gonna order as well. It might seem like a lot for you, but there is nothing I love more than traveling and experiencing new places. Especially when you feel like you look amazing, and since I don't travel all the time, I'm going to super enjoy myself! So excited!

Oh ps. I added some purple and orange streaks to my other set of extensions, and now look like my old Hawaii Barbie. It's amaaaazing.


  1. Hvordan ser du ud på dit pasbillede? Go' tur :D

  2. Jeg skal nok vise det i min video på min egen kanal idag : D Jeg havde virkelig mange tømmermænd og makeup overalt i mit ansigt fordi jeg sov over mig hahaha.

  3. omg u look so cool with black hair<3