This sweet girl I know contacted me and told me that she had a huge earring sale going on so of course I had to check it out, and as a big earring horder I ended up buying 9 pairs - I know, please don't judge - but of course I needed to share this with all of my beautiful readers as well. How often do you see this many amazing 80's earrings in one place? 

One pair cost $4,45 or 25,- danish crowns. You can contact the seller Lykke on facebook, write her on her new salesblog or send her an e-mail at lykke7-7@hotmail.com if you are interested in any pair, but hurry up because they are selling fast!

I suggest you just save the pictures on your computer, line out the earrings you wan't in Paint and send the picture to her to talk about shipping + payment.

Hope you enjoy, I know I can't wait to get my new earrings.

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  1. Absolutely love your blog and you tumblr, and you'r youtube, i just love you! you're such an inspiration and very down to earth and really pretty :3 xo