Mini photo bomb of the week.

Nude sunday face - unicorn madness - vintage 80's leggins - jewelry of the moment - nude legs and pumps

I'm in a current happyride of joy because spring is finally here! I'm already talking with my friend about how nice it will be to spend hours in my garden with big floppy hats, oversized sunglasses and ice cold cocktails and I'm planning my new hair - it's gonna look something like the leggins above color wise so everything is pretty great at the moment. Also I think that I'm over having a total messed up sleeping pattern now since I went to bed around eight last night and woke up around seven this morning. I blame the moon for the trouble.


  1. Thank you! I think they are so adorable, but I don't wear leggins because I feel fat in them ughh haha

  2. i love your blog, and those leggings! :) may i ask where you got them from?