Current stuff.

I just got the Picframe app on my iphone so I made a little photo collage of what I've been up to this weekend. It's kind of a fun way to easily make pictures and I'm also obsessed with Instagram, I guess I'm just really excited about actually being able to take pictures again. Today I finally bleached my roots and I'm loving that most of my hair is totally white, I'm also thinking about doing a video about hairstyles for short hair. My hair is getting a break from extensions so hopefully I will learn to wear short hair sometime soon. 

Instagram - sebastiansimonxo


  1. I would love to follow you on instagram!
    my user name is Zeebs3

  2. no extensions? noooo! :D
    joke. i cant wait to see you in short hair


  3. Where did you get your bow? I love it <3

  4. The kids department in H&M a few years back :P