The lovecats - todays look.

I am in love with this shirt I think it's one of my cutest clothing items at the moment. And I can't even begin to explain how amazing it is that you can see the kitties from behind as well. It has a perfect shade of pastel pink and fit incredibly well. I am so happyyyyy!


  1. where from? :o so cute!

  2. I got it from Murderotic who bought it in a vintageshop online I believe, so there is not much to say. I even tryed googling the brand but there really is nothing else sorry :( xo

  3. Omg! It's very very cute! I remember I had a shirt with cats and you could also see them from behind on the back. But my cats had cowboyhats and it was so cute :D

    I also love your hair when it's a little bit curly <3 xo