So happy I could die.

Do you know the feeling of suddenly being very optimistic, even though you thought your luck had run out? Me too! As I wrote earlier I was trying to get in on the H&M online shop for about three hours this morning and this one time I was able to actually get on there and add the jacket - the one above - to my shopping bag before I lost the connection again. I thought I had lost it so I gave up and went angry to bed. I slept for a few hours and when I woke up the first thing I did was checking online to see if it was still available.I t wasn't. I was SO close to crying, but then I saw that one item still was added to the shopping bag and so.. I just ordered the jacket. I am so happy right now! Did you guys get what you wanted or weren't you able to get on?


  1. I sad in class, for 2 hours, just clicking the refresh button. finally i got in, and ordered a ring, and a cap! not my first choice, but damn i'm happy that I got something!

  2. Lucky you! I know a lot of people have been so disappointed because they couldn't get in. I'm glad you got something though :)