Halloween memories.

Just thought that I wanted to share a few Halloween pictures with you. These pictures are from the previous three years. Last year I was dressed as a ghost, and I kinda liked my costume/outfit. Still haven't figured out what I'm going to be this Halloween. Have guys found your costume? And what are you gonna do for Halloween?


  1. jeg skal bare være sådan en zombie, i store militær støvler og blodigt tøj, skal lave det meste af kostumet selv ;w;

  2. I'm going to attempt this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0eRHe8LOtk

    It will either be a huge success or a massive failure.

  3. Det lyder rart og simpelt :)

    OH THAT'S AWESOME! I'm sure it will look great if you complete it!

  4. Your friends and you look great in all the pics! I love the lace gloves in the first picture, they're beautiful *.*

    It makes me sad that Halloween is not a tradition in my country. We have a maskenball (if that's how you would call it) in February and it's really boring, because only kids do it.

    We have Halloween-themed parties every year, but they're usually organized by the goth community, and they never ever try to dress up as anything other than themselves - goths. So that's a bit boring and monotonous as well.

    P.S. Congrats on becoming the new Friday on AndroGenetics, I'm really looking forward to seeing you there <3

  5. Thank you, my dear! I find it very odd that the goths in your country dont dress up, all my goth friends always dress up and I do as well. And there is always at least 5 parties to choose from!

    We also have something called ''fastelavn'' here in Denmark where you dress up, and that's mostly kids as well. You should just make your own halloween party then :)

    And thanks! I'm really exited too! xoxo