All time favorite lipsticks.

Saint Germain by MAC
So obviously one of my favorite lipsticks are from MAC, and I guess everyone who have tried MAC lipsticks will agree with me. I especially love this lipstick because even though it's such a pale color, it's still so pigmented. And sometimes I really miss that in a lipstick. I use this most days, because it goes so well with cotton candy pink hair and dark eye makeup. Generally it just completes all outfits and looks. I usually take some on my finger and dap in on my lips instead of actually using the lipstick. Just for a nice everyday look.

Lipstick 39 by Nouba

This lipstick is actually much more pink in real life and as the MAC one this is also very pigmented and have that amazing Barbie look to it. I have had this for such a long time, and I've been loving it since the first time I put it on. The good thing about Nouba lipstick's is that they never seem to smudge and they last forever. And again, as Saint Germain, this color seems to go very well with porcelain skin as well. I also dap this on with my finger to avoid that major platique overload. I'm wearing it in my last post.

Super Coral by Clinique

Okay, so apparently my lipstick is vintage, because the design on the one I have is totally different. I kinda like mine more. Anyway, this is a beautiful coral orange color that I'm in love with. Some days a little change from all the pink is nice, and it goes so well with brown colors, leopard and a more summer-ish look. Also I really love the color orange, but somehow I never seem to wear it. This lipstick is nicely pigmented and doesn't smudge either. I dap in on with my finger or mix it with another orange lipstick from Nouba.

Peach Juice by Maybelline

This lipstick is actually more like a slightly pigmented lipbalm, than an actual lipstick and for the price I guess it's okay. I like this, because when I use it without foundation it gives a very sheer pink shine, without looking glossy and it also moisturizes my lips. When wearing it over foundation it looks more like an actual lipstick and the good thing about this is that it fades away pretty fast but doesn't crack your lips, so throughout the day it's so easy to quickly reaply and just have with you.


  1. Saint Germain by MAC is my fave too! but i wear it on the top of Myth - center pink and ombre effect to beige...

  2. Yes, Myth is amazing as well! Oh I can imagine that, must look nice!

  3. Es usted un hombre travestido ? ummmm, me gustan