It's the time of the season

Oh boy, it's been a while hasn't it? Woops! I guess there would be plently of excuses, but I'm not going to use any of those. I'm in love, I'm a live, the sun has been shining and work is great. This year's Roskilde Festival was my favorite one so far - I feel like I finally learned how to design the festival so that I get the most fun out of it. Already very excited about next year. I'm currently drinking a cider, enjoying my first day off in 12 days, looking at places to travel with my bestie next month and waiting someone very special to arrive so we can cuddle and watch Ted (I totally thought it was a movie for kids?!) before going to see the sequel in the movies tomorrow night. 

Hope you guys have been doing great too? I'll be back soon đź’•

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  1. hello,ciao...super nice photos and cool style of yours!...enjoy a great Summertime!