Life update

My online life has been standing pretty still for a while, and there's a very good reason for that. This year started out great until I ran into trouble. Boy trouble. You guys know how it is. Anyway, a few months ago I started wishing for great things to happen, and.. all of a sudden, great things actually did start to happen. It's been going super fast the past few weeks though.

Yesterday I had my first day as a makeup artist for Makeup Forever in Illum, Copenhagen. Yep, guys, I got the job! Thank you for crossing your fingers for me. Everyone there is so sweet and I know it's gonna be great working with them. Earlier today it was 29 degrees here and I was debating whether or not it would be socially acceptable to go sign the lease for my new apartment wearing only a bathing suit. Cause yep, I just got a brand new apartment, and I will be moving in early next week! Finally after almost two years of living in a suitcase at other people's places I will have my own space again. I actually cried yesterday when I found out. And laughed. And then cried some more. Ughh, the relief. Not only that, my best friend Sofie that you guys know from my videos will be my neighbor and I will for the first time since November 2012 be able to have my gigantic collection of clothes and shoes in one place. It's gonna feel like a whole new wardrobe cause it's been so long since I saw all of it since it's been in storage with all my furniture and most of my other things. Only worry now - where in the world am I gonna put all of it?!

Okay guys, that's a little life update from me. I just got back from Roskilde Festival on sunday and now I have a cold. Great for hot summer days. Anyway, please excuse me for being absent a little longer - it's gonna be a few more busy weeks, but then I think I will for the first time in so long be at a place in my life where I can finally be me. Better start packing now. Kisses until then.


  1. Du fortjener så meget også noget lykke på din vej nu. <3 Jeg er så glad på dine vegne!

  2. Best of luck..! Enjoy this new chapter in your life..! You are a very special person..!

  3. yay! Maybe you can do more videos on youtube! I love you accent and you videos are so cute. :3 I'm happy for you.

  4. Hello,Ciao...many congrats and best of luck!

  5. That's so lovely to hear!!! Everything you think powerfully the universe brings back, so always stay positive!!! Maybe you can do a vlog about your new place/copenhagen???