Outfit | Grey beaches

Vintage faux fur - Asos dress - eBay earrings - eBay gold chain - secondhand shoes

I spent this day modelling for a very cold photoshoot in 5 degrees weather and pretty much no clothes or shoes - pictures will follow soon - and I dressed sort of practical and warm, so it would be easy to change outfits and not freeze to death. My friends have made fun of these shoes since I bought them a few weeks ago for their grandma-vibes, and even though I do get those vibes too, somehow they just work for me when I wear them. Still feel better in colorless clothes right now, but I've been re-united with my beloved oversized gold earrings and I'm in love with the way they look in contrast to my hair. Whether or not I look like a russian prostitute is debatable, but I am so ready to welcome spring weather and say goodbye to grey skies and winter outfits. Hopefully this will be the last winter outfit post before we transition into spring. All photos by Rebecca Bregnum.


  1. gorgeous


  2. Sweet pictures and a lovely look - amazing hair! :)


  3. Stunning eye candy.

  4. I like the shoes. At least, if you become a Russian prostitute, you won't have to stand in the snow, waiting for your beet ration and ruining your Blahniks.