First spring weeks

What I've been up to the past few weeks includes a bit of modelling, pretty much being siamese twins with my blue haired friend Rebecca, helping other friends move and pack down their apartments emptying their liquor cabinets while looking pretty in red, enjoying the sun when it's out, being addicted to eBay shopping, kitty cuddles, black and white clothes and having the moodswings like a crazy person. Just thought I wanted to share this bunch of personal photos with you, even the cringe-worthy party photos from last friday. The beauty can not be described, haha.


  1. Hello,Ciao...thanks for sharing,Lovely photos!...W the colourful hair look...
    ...lets enjoy the Spring!...
    Ciao from Italy

  2. Your friend is so gorgeous ^^ btw i m addicted to ebay shopping too <3 xoxo

  3. Aw I lovr all of your professional pictures. Your friend's hair s perfect! I want to but my skin is to dark for it :(

  4. Where did you get your rib cage tshirt??? :D