Face of the day & new video

I'm starting to feel Valentines Day coming up, so having my pink hair back for a short while is kinda perfect for these next days. I kept my face sort of simple, but with a touch of drama on the eyes. 

Eyebrows: MAC Charcoal Brown & Espresso
Eyes: Maybelline Snow White eyeshadow, MAC Vanilla pigment, MAC Espresso eyeshadow, L'Oreal liner, Elizabeth Arden Mascara and Ardell lashes
Lips: MAC Saint Germain
Face: Gosh Porcelain foundation, MAC Silver Dusk, MAC Charcoal shadow for contour, Rimmel Stay Matte powder

Also just posted a new video about a Valentines Day live show, so watch down below for more details about it.


  1. So pretty. And so skinny. Maybe you could even indulge in some chocolate on Valentines. Sebastian and chocolate, the perfect Valentines Day?

    1. I actually did save some chocolate for today, but haven't had time to nom it yet. Maybe I will later tonight. And thank you darling!