Outfit | Undercover

H&M hat - Holy Malice sunnies - second hand faux fur - second hand shirt - Rose Wholesale skirt - Rose Wholesale bag - old boots 

Running erands on no sleep, literally, sometimes feel a lot easier with a little disguise. The weather is windy and wet today so my floppy hat and sunnies don't just hide my face from the world, but also protects me from mother nature. The sidebraid is both practical for the weather situation and for hiding how bad my extensions need a trim, which I will hopefully be able to do tonight before leaving for Germany tomorrow! I'll be away for nine days, so lot's of outfit posts from beautiful Nürnberg will follow. The skirt and bag are both new and worked so well for this comfy-no-sleep-running-erands-in-disquise-look, while the boots have been a staple winter item in my wardrobe for around ten years soon. These pictures (and many more to come) was taken by my wonderful friend and photographer Rebecca Bregnum. How is the weather where you guys live?


  1. Love the coat and your hair - of course ;)
    The weather in Poland is boring as for the winter time. No snow, no frost, bleh...
    I feel like it's going to change soon, though.

    1. I live in near Czech Republic and of course the weather is horrible now!! No snow, no frost... always the stupid rain!!!

      I love you outfit Sebastian <3

  2. Are you gonna visit Yami? Omgggg we will need pics and videos and everything.

  3. Videos please, dear Putas. The weather here in California is; well there just isn't any.