Stella McCartney vs. Jeffrey Campbell

I've had my eye on the Stella McCartney heavy tread shoes that has become an incredibly popular A/W 13 item. The over the top industrial vibe is completely balanced out by the clean, white color and I love that Stella used faux leather and thick rubber. They look so iconic and they're beautiful in both black and white. I can however not find them anywhere online (any tips much appreciated!!) but I stumbled upon the Jeffrey Campbell Scully shoes that is obviously very inspired by Stella's model - I like that the heel is higher, to me a tall heel is beautiful, but I feel like they're such a ripoff that I would feel sad wearing them. The Scully's are made from genuine leather which is a minus to me and you can almost see that the quality is in no way near the original model, especially when you own other Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I do love this design though, so my hunt for the original ones will continue!

What's your thoughts guys? Would you feel fine wearing the Scully's even when their such an obvious knock off?


  1. I think that the Scully's are super cute even though there a knockoff. If Jeffery Campbell is going to knock something off that bad he should at least give the original designer some credit.

  2. Most, if not all, lower grade designers are "inspired" by the top fashion houses; it's really a given at this point. You should just get the ones you find more aesthetically appealing.

  3. Haha, honestly, i like theJC's better :D