Pastel christmas inspiration

This christmas my biggest obsession has been pale winter wonderlands and pastel everything. I love how pastel christmas is so untraditional but in the same time just so appropriate. During december I get really sick of seeing red and dark green everywhere I turn and pale pink, mint green and baby blue is so much more girly and easy for the eye. I've found some amazing christmas photos with an atmosphere that's right up my alley since this month I've sadly not been able to decorate at all.

I'm currently waiting for my homemade sugarcookies to cool down so I can start decorating them with buttercream and sprinkles. Hopefully they turned out okay, but I'm gonna let my brother test them tomorrow haha. My camera still hasn't arrived :( I even called the shop both yesterday and this morning and they couldn't give me any useful information. I'm crossing my fingers it will come tomorrow instead. 


  1. Sebastian, just wanted to tell you I love you and appreciate this blog so much. I hope everything is wonderful in your life. Keep it up!

    1. Oh thank you, what a lovely compliment sweets! <3

      Hope you'll have an amazing day xo

  2. Good luck with your camera arriving soon and with the cookies! This winter wonderland is perfect and wonderfully princessy.