Instagram photo diary

I've moved, reconnected with myself, adopted cactus babies and cut my bangs short again.

I've been visiting the new MAC Store more than once & cuddled with this little thing.

I've been partying too much and also found a new bluehaired soulmate.

I've read Cover Magazine during long trainrides, taking a very familiar bustrip and partied in my old city.

I've had an unexpected nachos & daiquiries date, been pineapple obsessed, and had best friend hangovers in my hometown.

I've celebrated halloween with the lovely lady in the middle looking something like a wet mermaid, a cavewoman and other kind of freaky thingsstuffsomething.

I've been invited to blogger events, went shopping for an outfit to another blogger event and hung out in a piercing studio discussing next year with a friend.

I've been pretty fond of black eyeshadow, had my littlebrother visiting for a day and taking him out for asian food and been obsessed with crimped hair.

I've worn my brown wig during a hair crisis, loved having my own room after I moved, spent way too much money on candles, and also dressed up like someone from Beverly Hills 90210.

And lastly I've been crazy ill, crazy happy & made crazy changes in my life.

Guys, please let me know what you think about this way of doing instagram photo diaries? Do you like this best or my usual photo diary posts better hihihe? 


  1. This is the best idea ever! I really think this is an unusual but attractive way to make a diary.
    I really love it!! xo

  2. Very cute! Jeg har selv lavet noget lignende for et stykke tid siden. Men kors, hvor er det besværligt at arbejde med Instagram billder på den måde. Jeg var ved at få et hysterisk anfald flere gange!


  3. Thank you, Mateo! I felt like it was short, sweet and funny to add a few comments! xo

    Jeg synes faktisk at det var rimelig nemt bare at stille op i Paint, men hvor lavede du det henne, skattemus? Møz på den bøz selv, du! <3

  4. Hei Sebastian!
    Hvilken lilla hårfarge har du brukt på disse bildene?? Jeg leter etter den perfekte lavendel-lilla-hårfargen og det ser ut som at du har funnet den! :)
    Jeg har lest bloggen din i noen år nå og vil bare si at jeg elsker bloggen din!
    Mvh Helene