A little christmas update

Merry christmas guys, I hope everyone had a joyful night with lot's of yummy food, the presents you wished for and a few good memories to end the year. I rebelled against danish christmas traditions by having myself a tropical night with exotic burgers, nachos and drinks on the side. By the end of the night I'd drunk my bodyweight in piña colada, cosmopolitan and mojito. It was lovely not getting ill after eating the christmas food (that I honestly don't even like) as the past four christmas dinners - next year will definitely be another tropical night. Cheers to new traditions. 

On another note, I have been fading my hair color since I'm leaving purple and lavender to go bright, neon red. Red is such a powerful, expressive and sensual color that has always been a personal favorite, so it will be fun to go a bit crazy with it for a month or two before dying it drastically different. At the moment the color has faded to a not so attractive seafoam green meets grey meets blue kinda shade, and I can't wait to be able to get rid of it. Also I was thinking about doing a tutorial for this hairstyle as one of my first videos when I start posting again in january?


  1. Please do more videos, I miss you :(
    Btw, red on you looks amazing

  2. Need new videos; experiencing severe Sebastian withdrawal symptoms. It's not easy being in love with you from such a distance you know. But seriously, more videos please.

    1. Hahaha, this is very sweet! I'll be back very, very soon :)