Clear plastic clutch

A small obsession of mine is clear plastic accessories. It all started last year when I bought a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes in clear plastic and while shopping with Lars here in Copenhagen I saw the most beautiful, clear plastic raincoat in Nagstore. It reminded me that I bought this clutch on eBay a few weeks ago and when it arrived last night my obsession was re-born. I'd love to walk around in more clear items this fall, it looks so futuristic and I love it styled with solid colors like white or black. This didn't cost more than a few dollars, so I will definitely keep a look out for more, cheap plastic items to wear this fall.

What are your thoughts guys? 


  1. it is maybe nice for daywear but going clubbing and stuff :D noooo! i always carry tampons or other emarassing stuff, so no for me! :D but i like the look of it just not practical for me

  2. @anonymous, then keep your embarassing items in something super cute and place that in your seethrough clutch- voila chic!

    1. Love this idea! Only problem is - this clutch is not very big, so I'm gonna keep it minimal!

  3. i've wanted a pair of clear rainboots for a while now :D

  4. Definitely a fan of clear plastic accessories too! Love the clutch! :)

    Hollie | From Eden