White on white

eBay cap - lace top from grandmother - second hand skirt - eBay trainers

Lately I have been wearing loads of white and tennis inspired outfits, I think it's a great contrast to my hot pink hair and lipstick - which by the way is MAC's Candy Yum Yum - and at Roskilde festival I realized how much more comfortable white is on hot summer days. The shoes are the ones from this post that I got for no money on eBay and since they were the only pair I brought for the festival I'm surpriced they are still alive after seven days of mud and trash (and two times in the washing mashine) I'm just about to edit today's video, so it will be up later tonight! 


  1. Ohh love the contrast :D dark tights and light outfit + pink hair, yayus!

  2. i want shoes like this right now :D!