Weekend wildness

Hey guys! Sorry I've been neglecting my blog, I've been super busy since thursday - thursday night I was on a date with an amazing guy who's kisses make my knees weak (hopefully you'll know his name soon, but we're not official yet) and friday I was celebrating my best friends birthday, we were basically drunk for 18 hours.. Yeah. Saturday we were hungover and I made her jump in her backyard lake and filmed it which was the highlight of the day. I've been super busy at my extra job since then, but weekend now so more updates soon!


  1. I love you Sebastian, you are seriously an inspiration and my personal idol. Looking forward to your next video on Youtube!
    xoxoxo, Love from Canada!

  2. Wonderful Sebastian, you really inspired me, ceck my last post on my blog and you'll understand :-D My ombre ponytail is inspired also by you!!!!!

  3. Thank you guys <3

    Your hair looks so beautiful darling xo

  4. You is beautiful. The consumer dream of any man. Congratulations!!!