Getting fit

The past two years have been sort of life changing for me and I've come to know myself and my values a lot more. After too many years with too much alcohol, cigarettes and really unhealthy habits I just sort of naturally got sick of it all. I used to be super fit all my childhood and early teenage years, I have been a dancer for years, I was super athletic and very flexible back then, and I want it back. When I was 11 or 12 I could easily run 10 km. in 45 minutes, and it really felt great. So no more just sitting around waiting for some kind of motivation to kick me in the ass, I'll take matters into my own hands now! : D

I've started using the Nike running app and went for a slow run/powerwalk this afternoon and the weather was great so I ran/walked almost 8 km. in the sun. Took me around an hour but I'll start doing this a few times a week until I can actually run 5 km. without getting a heart attack.
I looked like a tomato in my face when I got back home as shown above haha.

Ultimate current personal goal - to run 10 km. in 45 minutes like when I was younger.
(and dont worry, this wont turn into a fitness blog, I'll just update whenever
I make progress that I'm proud of)


  1. i've been trying to get my ass on a treadmill lately too. good work, i'm with you in spirit!

    amen fashion, xo

    1. Macie, why don't you get your ass outside in the beautiful nature instead? :D

  2. What genre of dance did you dance back then? :D

  3. Love this blog! :) Maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!