Current style mood

A few of my current fashion inspirations including tight ponytails in middlepartings as seen in both Alexander Wang and Chanel SS 13 shows, especially with the Alexander Wang middlepart tape. I'm also still obsessed with pale blue hair, and might actually have to experiment just a little bit with it later today.I have been drooling over loads of different patent material items, the pale mint green pants in the Mugler SS 13 is to die for and Miu Miu does it wonderfully as well. I'm also craving flowers, loads of flowers. And that's basically what I want for my looks right now. What are you guys crushing over?


  1. I love everything but the photoshopped hair. There are plenty of people who actually get that color (and work hard to get it right) so it feels a little insulting to them. Tumblr is a breeding ground for that kind of crap.

  2. Yes, at first I thought it was really strange that entire blogs would just spend all their time photoshopping people's hair - and you are absolutely right, it can feel sort of insulting for the people doing it right. But then again, it's just meant for inspiration. Oh and I agree about your tumblr comment as well. Tumblr breeds a lot of things.