Today the annual christmas beer is being released in Denmark, so every teenager and twenty-something people will be out celebrating tonight. Even though I'm sick I promised a friend of mine to go out to something called Pornobaren (meaning the porn bar) and get a few of those christmas beers. I'm wearing my velvet H&M dress and black wedges from nelly.com that you can see right here. On the other photos I'm wearing a sky printed sort of jacket from romwe.com that I got a while back. Have a lovely night everyone 


  1. Julebog, right? :D
    I absolutely love that jacket, the colour is so fascinating!
    And your hair, pink eyebrows and make-up is just perfect, so lovely <3

  2. I'm purple too now :-)
    and once I was pink <3 sister in haircolor <3

  3. Julebog? : D I'm not sure what that is haha, but thank you very much. I really like the jacket too, even though it's sort of weirdly manufactured!

    Oh fabulous :) I don't mind being purple actually, I just didn't feel very much like me with the dark blue-ish hair.

  4. So glad that you're doing better Sebby-kins, even though sick with a cold. These pics are gorgeous. And your Wednesday Addams video was super cute; I can never seem to NOT fall in love with you, you're too damn adorable crazy baby unicorn.
    Seriously, you really shine a magical light into a world that desperately needs magic, thank you for sharing your fabulous self.

  5. Oh, this was so sweet of you to say. Thank you :) I really appreciate it!

    1. Not at all, I just really appreciate you sweetheart; you're special. <3

  6. You are totally freakin' awesome! :-)