At the moment I'm strangely fascinated by moths, butterflies and different kinds of stones and crystals. I'm still searching everywhere for beautiful titanium quartz and pyrite jewelry and I keep having dreams about extraterrestrial stuff and water.. Maybe it has something to do with my small obesssion with icy blue, faded hair that Ivania from love-aesthetics suits so wonderfully. I also keep getting ideas about how I want to decorate and personalize the future apartment my best friend and I will be living in when we move to Copenhagen. I definitely want lavender walls and maybe some dusty rose ones too and I'm sort of gonna be making a mint green, glittery jewelry holder out of vintage deer antlers. Oh well, lot's of new wonderful projects to come! It's always a good idea to keep feeling inspired 


  1. That's a beautiful collection of images and themes (and weird dreams). I love the crystal at the top of the page!.
    Hope Copenhagen holds good things for you when you and your friend get there, your ideas for your room sound luscious. =)

  2. Crystals have always been a fascination of mine so I think this collection of pictures is simply gorgeous. I love the use of lavender and think the idea of using it on walls is divine! Xx