Miss Selfridge cardigan - Saint Tropez sequin dress - old H&M bracelet - eBay bindi

I'm going to visit a friend of mine and drink coffee in 30 minutes to borrow her my iPhone charger since mine got stolen when I was in Copenhagen, boo. I also just wanted to show you how pale my hair is getting already, I can't wait to go lilac/lavender again, the only sort of annoying thing though is having to wash and dry all my extensions everytime I wash my own hair so that the colors will fade together. Anyway, I'm gonna wear my huge, floor-length, grey faux fur coat with this outfit so I can feel all cuddly and warm walking through the beautiful streets filled with orange leaves and trees going to sleep for the winter.


  1. so beautiful as always sebastian! by the way what´s this thing on your forehead? is it an aplique or something? you were wearing it on the live show and i was just wondering, it looks fierce! xoxo

  2. Thank you love! It's a bindi, it's supposed to protect you from evil spirits and demons and also give you concentration - so I thought I would try it haha xo

  3. Orange leaves! Already? Well, here, too..but that sounds so lovely haha very unlike here lol

    I know exactly what you mean because I had to do that many many times to get my 'like' hair.
    You do suit with that little bit of strong lilac though! x