This saturday I went to drink a little with some friend's of mine, we we're supposed to go to a concert with a band called Flødeklinikken, but when I arrived at my friend's (to the right) allotment garden there were this party going on in another allotment garden, and we ended up staying there the entire night, partly because of the free vodka and beer, but also because it was actually so much fun just sitting outside around a fire and catch up, as you do when you're drunk. I must admit though, some parts of the night have completely vanished from my memory, and when I woke up on sunday I had slept with my lenses in, so I spent the entire day yesterday with very painful eyes.. Oh well, I guess you have to suffer after having so much fun. 


  1. It's so cool how you are so accepted by people and make friends so easily. I wish you were my friend. I've always been androgynous and my parents moved around so much when I was growing up, it was almost always so akward whether I would fit in at all. I think I've always been pretty cool and good looking in my way, but it seems most people in "real" America are uptight assholes. Denmark must be really great, or maybe it's just that you are so great. I know that I love you from just what I know from the Internet. But I sure wish that I had you as my bestfriend in real life, though I'm not much of partier anymore. I still love you, the person, so much. <3 <3 <3

  2. Wow..Your life is soo amazing, I wish I had it. Sometimes I never talk to anybody because Im either shy or I just don't know how to approach them, You must make a Youtube video about how to approach people and make friends. You are my inspiration Sebastian,and the most funniest :)

  3. You are my new favorite person ever. Just thought you should know.


  4. yesss, love the cap and love your style :)