I stopped doing these model love posts sometime last year, but I really wanna start doing them again. Another one of my all time favorite models are the beautiful Devon Aoki who I've been in love with ever since I saw her as Deadly Little Miho in Sin City as a kid. She has one of those faces you can never forget, there's something very young about it, but still very sassy and with lot's of attitude. Especially this editorial is amazing, the styling of her hair, the makeup, it all works so well for her and I'm loving the feminine 90's grunge vibe. Check her out on google, you will die when you see a close up of her face.

Pictures by Paolo Roversi for Numéro March in 1999


  1. She looks a bit like a mermaid. I love the lower eye lashes in this look.

  2. "Loneliness is designed to help you discover who you are, and to stop looking outside yourself for your self worth"
    Just like this quote. Hope you are doing OK dear Sebastian. And yeah, the favorite models tthing is cool.