The last few weeks have been so good, summer has finally arrived in Denmark and I've been feeling very social. I've spent a weekend visiting my wonderful grandmother, playing minigolf, going to fleamarkets and adopting two new cactus plants, a stonecat and cute stuff for my apartment (I've started working on getting more plants for my place and just ordered new butterfly and sunflower magnets so I can cover my fridge in photos) also I went to eat too much chinese food celebrating my grandmothers birthday and played alcoholic poker with my brother and boyfriend and I've been partying and drinking like a crazy teenager like I used to a few years ago. Oh summer.

As the weather seems to keep getting better I have a lot planned the upcoming weeks. Tomorrow I'm gonna catch up with a friend of mine, friday I'm going to a brigde opening ceremony to celebrate that two of my friends have bought allotment gardens and saturday I'm meeting up with my friend who just worked with Lanvin for a wonderful campaign. Life is good.

What have you guys been up to?


  1. Thank you babe! Love your name, it reminds me of Coinoperated Boy from The Dresden Dolls <3 xo

  2. it sounds like you have a soooo great summer days . enjoy it ! :)
    I have been travelling to Germany, I stayed at munich(haha, Yami's city ), and also go to Nice, you know there is an amazing lavender field. yeah.. I am living at Manchester, so after Olympic games and my dissertation for my college, I will plan to travel around again, maybe Denmark is my first destination. hope so!

    have a nice day! beautiful <3 ❤

  3. Omg u are so perfect. I really admire you. Im always pendent of new videos from you. U are so beautiful. I enjoy watching ur videos . Plz never stop posting. And more videos plzzZZZZ. U are the best

  4. Hi Sebastian. I am just trying to live through the HOT summer here in the Midwest of the United States. Today is a little better. Thank you for sharing your photos. I love the koi ponds. I asked on a videos, so it may have been lost in all of the comments: How do you get around Denmark since there is a lot of water, like when you go to Copenhagen next month? Do you use ferry boats, bridges? I love picture of the beautiful sea, water, and my favorite mermaid, Sebastian! Have a fun weekend.

    1. I take the train and ride over a bridge and under the water in one of those underwaterscarytunnels, but I'm sure you could sail from Jutland to Copehagen! Hope you're enjoying yourself! xo

  5. Aside from back pain, dealing with a dishonest client ... life is good! lol Glad to see you're having fun in the sun! oxo Care