I'm sorry, I'm sorry I am aware that I've been home from London one week today, but I honestly have no excuses as to why this has only been posted now. Boo. So as a first time visiter in England there were a few things I simply just had to try, for example my first fish & chips, my first Skittles and also my first real Starbucks in Selfridges. The first thing I noticed after arriving in London was how beautiful and much more detailed and special all the houses were, here in Denmark most houses look very boring, but the architecture in London was so fascinating. We went to a Combichrist concert at the Electric Ballroom and had a nice first night out in London, we also went to a barbecue on my birthday and the day before I left we spent most of the night at a bar called Tranny Shack, I've never been in a place with so many men in dresses, long hair and drag queens performing. It was amusing. 

All in all I had a wonderful week visiting my friends Michael and Sphirex and I'm planning on going back sometime next year. I also posted three video diaries of my time there on my youtube channel so if you feel like watching more, feel free to go have a look :)


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun . I think i´ll visit london next year too :)You look soooo gorgeous xoxo